100 Day Plan
100 Day Plan

The 100 Day Plan Workbook for Fitness, Nutrition and Mind-Body Imrpovement

"We should all be concerned about the future, because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there." - Charles F. Kettering.

This workbook comes in a 3-ring binder, to easily take worksheets with you if you travel or are on the go between work and home life.  You can easily pop out sections to read or worksheets to complete without weight or bulk!  Excellent for home or gym use, by yourself or with a health and fitness professional, this workbook allows you to track your exercise, note how you're feeling each day, and track your food and water for 100 days.  There are check-in worksheets at days 25, 50, 75, and 100.  Achieve the stronger, more energetic, healthier you! 


100 Day Plan $19.99

Set Goals

1. Use the goals planning guidelines and worksheet to set up measurable, specific achievable goals.  Enjoy planning information, including Starting and Exercise Program, Successful Resolutions: Make a Plan, and a Weekly Planning and Goals worksheet. Example: Lose 20 pounds in 100 days.

2. Then set up 3 ways to achieve each goals.
Example: Bike for 35 minutes 4 times per week, strength train for major muscle groups, and replacing chips and fast food with leaner meats and lower fat snacks. 


Product Information:

Track your Food, Exercise, and Overall Feeling Daily

Write in your food as you go, or at the end of a day, and quickly cross off foods in each food group from the pyramid on the daily worksheets.  Did you eat a balanced diet today? Did you get enough water?

In the space provided, you can record your exercise and self-care activities for the day, so you can check back later and see what made you feel good and helped to achieve your goals.

Then, Use the check-in worksheets at days 25, 50, 75, and 100.  These check-ins make it easy for you to talk with your doctor, trainer, or for self-evaluation, so you can make changes to your program as needed.

Learn and Stay Involved
In Your Program!

Read the Motivation quotes every day, all set up in a plan to motivate you as your knowledge increases and skills progress.  Enjoy reading practical, to-the-point sections. 


  • Exercise Basics - What are the Benefits of Exercise, Before you Start an Exercise Program, Personal Training Health History Form, Tracking Sheet, Aerobic Exercise, Muscular Strength, Endurance Conditioning, and Flexibility Exercise
  • Cardiovascular Exercise - How to Figure Your Target Heart Rate, How Much You Can Burn, Monitoring Exercise Intensity Using Heart Rate, How to Start a Walking Program
  • Strength Training - 101, Principle, Safety Muscles, Exercise Worksheet
  • Mind-Body Balancing - Self-Care in the Information Age, Min-Body Exercise Tips
  • Food and Nutrition - Food Pyramid Guide, What Counts as One Serving, How Many Servings do you Need Each Day, A Closer Look at Fat and Added Sugars, How to Read the Nutrition Food Label Panel, Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right, Buying Right, Eating Out, About Water

*A Note for Health Professionals

This product is available for medical, health and fitness professionals to use when working with clients that have fitness goals.  A note to the trainer is included in each workbook, offering insight into working with each client in terms of situational leadership.  This proven effective system comes with guidelines for the health professional, and is an easy system to use in your business!  Email ishman1@ibodycare.com for more information.

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