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About Ishman BodyCare Center & Institute

We improve health & relieve pain and discomfort with our quality massage therapy and related services.  These include: Deep Tissue Massage for relief of muscle tension, Sports Massage for an active lifestyle, Manual Lymphatic Drainage for immunity, detoxification, sleep and injury recovery, Infrared Light Therapy to gently break up adhesions & reduce inflammation, Fascial Link Therapy, developed here for relieving pain & muscle imbalance, Neuromuscular & Trigger Pt Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy, Flower Essence Stress Relief sessions, and Energy Therapies, including Meridian Therapies, Chakra Balancing and Cleaning. We also have services that help you grow stronger, feel taller, have better posture and confidence, and restore balance to the body. These include: Pilates and Pilates Reformer sessions, Personalized Stretching sessions, Homeopathic Consults, Free Digital Foot Scans & Reports, Free Postural Analysis, and Free Consultations for any new client.


Established in 1994

We opened in 1994 to provide quality therapy & fitness services.  Owner Allison Ishman worked with Olympic & pre-olympic athletes in 1995, & was a 1996 Olympic provider at the first games to include massage therapy as part of athlete medical services. Allison teaches professional education in our fields, including lymph drainage, Fascial Link Therapy, sports massage and energy therapies. Our community of practitioners now provide care & services with high standards and a particular focus on balancing the body.  Everyone here has immune-boosting skills as well as great massage therapy or Pilates skills. We added services to further support long-term health in 2003, including homeopathics, flower essences and digital foot scans.  Pilates became part of our work in 2001, when we transitioned our personal training program  into a Pilates program that includes the restorative & rewarding Pilates Reformer equipment.  We have provided Pilates & chair massage to BP, Careerbuilder, Nicor, more!  Our services have expanded to include professional education for massage therapy professionals, including a wellness certification program in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and a 2-year certification program in Fascial Link Therapy.

Meet the Business Owner: Allison Ishman

user photoGrowing up as a gymnast, Allison has always loved massage therapy and being healthy.  She graduated from Seattle Massage School in 1993, worked at a hot springs resort in the heart of the HOH rainforest for a season, and moved back to the Chicagoland area in 1994.  She worked in clinical and sports offices and clubs, and opened her own practice late in 1994.  She pursued exercise physiology and clinical nutrition training at North Central College, and began to teach sports massage at the Soma Institute in Chicago and at other area massage schools. While she loves to get results with soft tissue therapies, the addition of Pilates to her therapy work rounds out the quality and effectiveness of her postural balancing training. She obtained certifiation as a continuing education provider, a Pilates instructor, and added other services to round out our whole body approach to living and staying healthy. She continues to teach and write, and share with clients & staff @ Ishman BodyCare Center


Ishman BodyCare Center promotes positive transformation person to person thru innovative, practical and effective services and products that improve health. 

  • As posture experts, we can help reduce pain, and help restore your bodys best functioning form! 

  • We offer clinical massage and energy therapies, Pilates, free digital foot scanning, infrared therapy, and homeopathic consults. 

  • We also carry great tools for self-care in our natural pharmacy with a rewards program. 

  • We are skilled at nurturing the individual person, relieving pain and balancing muscle, connective tissue & biomechanics problems. 

  • Learn and grow your self-care skills with us too!  Our workshops explain innovations in natural care methods, along with current research and newly published resources. 

  • Try us once, and youll want to come back!

Clinical and Massage Therapy Services

Our Therapy Staff

Your therapist at Ishman BodyCare Center has skills in many techniques.  We hope you will get to know us - we are individuals with training and knowledge that make our private practice innovative! 
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  • Clinical Integrative Therapies

    • Deep Tissue Massage

    • Fascial Link Therapy

    • Neuromuscular Therapy

    • Trigger Point Therapy

    • Hydrotherapy (Hot/Cold Therapy)

    • Infrared Light Therapy

  • Our clinical integrative therapies listed above are used to treat pain and tension. Your therapist will evaluate your posture, range of motion, and use other assessments as needed. These sessions are appropriate for someone needing specific or overall pain relief, improved posture & circulation, and to help establish healthy, pain free function.
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  • Sports Massage & Stretch
    Sports massage to increase an athlete's rate of recovery and improve performance and mental focus up to 30%. Sports therapy sessions usually includes some stretching. Sessions are modified to accommodate appropriate care around competitive events as needed.
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  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
    This is a gentle and relaxing drainage technique used to reduce swelling, improve detoxification, increase
    relaxation, provide sinus relief, reduce menstrual pain, boost recovery following surgery or injury, speed healing, reduce insomnia and boost immunity. Ask about even more benefits 
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  • Cranial Decompression
    Session One-60 minutes, Session Two-90 minutes
    Advanced balancing of posture (session 1) and the cranial bones of the head (session 2). Useful for relieving vertigo, mood swings, migraines, depression, neck pain, visual disorders, headaches and other conditions. Please ask for details about this neuromuscular therapy method. 
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    Pregnancy Massage
    Coping with stress and fatigue, easing aches and pains, and learning self-care techniques is healthy and enjoyable during a normal pregnancy. Massage therapy for the childbearing year is a wonderful way to relax, increase energy, and relieve discomfort. We pay special attention to positioning and follow both eastern and western
    principles for massage care. Special pregnancy cushions are provided, so mothers can lie on their bellies if they like. Additional materials available for home use.

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  • Energy Therapy
    Relieves stress and pain through use of energy medicine techniques including meridian therapy, chakra balancing, and neurolymphatic reflex point therapy. Using energy testing/kinesiology, we work with your biofield to help balance patterns that create physical and emotional stress. Self care suggestions are usually also included in these sessions. Learn more

  • Flower Essence Stress Reduction Massage
    The sprays used in this relaxing massage session
    resonate with the energy field (also known as the biofield) and the physical body to release subtle patterns that restrict our joy. This mind-body-spirit treatment uses the healing power of flower essences to release emotional blockages. It also uses essential oils to relax the physical body. Flower Essence Energy sprays work on the physical, mental and emotional well being, bringing us into touch with our inner guidance and intuition for restored harmony and balance. This session is for stress-relief and may be modified to your own preferences and tastes.
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  • Energy Balancing Aromatherapy
    Aromatherapy selected specifically for you is an available add-on to any session. Useful for sinus relief, stress reduction, digestion, and more.
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  • Our Massage Therapy Standards and Code of Ethics, which protect your privacy and ensure therapy services here are private and handled with excellent ethics. 
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Fitness Services

  • Pilates Reformer Session
    Posture and fitness session using a Pilates Reformer to balance and strengthen the body. This type of exercise strengthens and improves flexibility, and uses the core, central muscles throughout the entire session.
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  • Postural Analysis and Custom Stretching Session
    Beginning with an analysis of your current posture, we'll look at your skeletal structure front to back and side to side, as well as analyzing any torsion or subtle imbalances in the head/cranium. Based on the results, we'll provide exercises to help balance your posture and even muscle tone throughout the body. Exercises are selected based on your flexibility and comfort, and can be advanced or modified later as your posture improves. Suggested re-check is 2-4 weeks following your first assessment .
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  • Fitness Program Analysis & Plans
    Get an analysis of your current workout program if you have one, and set up a program plan to balance your muscle tone and strength, improve performance, and reduce down-time or recovery from workouts. Programs are designed to use on your own or in subsequent training sessions. Our programs are customized to your needs, and may incorporate rubber exercise bands and balls, free weight or circuit strength training equipment, small or full-size exercise balls, Pilates mat exercises, body bars, isometric no-equipment exercises, or sport-specific methods. We'll look at your goals, body type, preferred activities, lifestyle, posture, body fat, and flexibility as needed. Bring your workout charts or thoughts with you for a rejuvenating workout program that keeps you on track to meet your goals! 
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Health Solutions for The Workplace

Programs for the Workplace

Healthy living can increase everyone's effectiveness at work. Our commitment is to offer innovative and unique health programs that really do improve well-being and productivity in the office!  Our services are available by appointment.
  • On-Site Massage Therapy
    Use Chair Massage for your next Sales Incentive, Corporate Gift, Health Fair, Health Promotion Program, or Hiring Incentive. 
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  • Posture Screening and Custom Stretching Programs at your Health Fair
    We love to participate in health fairs, doing fully clothed posture assessments for any employee who wants to know which shoulder is higher, why the back is always tight, and what stretches are best for each side of the body to balance the specific posture they have!  Motivating and fun, this  service is a hit at every health fair.

  • Stress Management Workshops with Energy Medicine exercises
    Learn exercises requiring no medicines, supplements or procedures in minutes to help manage stress anywhere.  Just hold points, use breath, and enjoy the benefits of modern energy therapies anywhere.

  • Ergonomic Workshops
    Inexpensive, simple ergonomic fixes and adjustments can be made at any workstation to improve health, keep circulation going, and keep you ad your employees happier at the office.  Raise a monitor with a phone book, adjust your chair correctly - workstation health is easier than you think!

Our customer list includes IBM, Nicor Gas, BP, State Farm, Careerbuilder, and many more!

Professional Continuing Education

We offer professional continuing education to massage therapy and other health professionals.  Courses are taught by qualified instructors, with most classes taught by our owner Allison Ishman.  Massage therapy courses are credentialed through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and also qualify for any state massage therapy license that accepts this credential, including Illinois.  Come grow with us!

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Professional Use Products and Rentals

We provide professional rental equipment for massage and medical offices and events. 

Dedicated to service and quality, visit our website for equipment rentals and purchasing.