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Welcome to the Ishman BodyCare Center and Ishman BodyCare Institute!
Our Mission is to Promote Positive Transformation, Person to Person. 

Upcoming eBook!

My Hips are Doing What?
Postural Causes for Low Back, Hip and Leg Pain

by Allison Ishman
LMT, FLT Developer

Pilates Magic Circle with Free Video!

Massage Star

Chi Roller Back and Neck Pain Massage Tool

Relieve Stress
with a Relaxing
Dead Sea Salt Bath!

Dead Sea Bath Salts
$3.49 1Lb (2 baths)

Thanks to:
  The American Council on Exercise &
  The American Massage Therapy Assn.
  for their permission to post

The Benefits of Light

Bright light is something our body craves, and when we are exposed to bright light first thing in the morning, we feel more alert and optimistic all day long. That's why for most people we recommend using your Litebook� as early as possible upon awakening - especially during the shorter, darker days of winter when your body needs it most. All Litebook� products deliver this natural solution drug-free, virtually side-effect free and completely safely - with no harmful UV. Experience the proven beneficial light wavelengths of Litebook� products, which have helped tens of thousands of people in 40+ countries win their battle with problems ranging from fatigue and low mood to poor sleep and carbohydrate cravings...all with only 15-30 minutes of use per day!  What Makes The Litebook Unique.

Read about Dr. Oz's comments about Energy Medicine on Oprah.

2007 Massage Therapy
Professional Education


Take a look at our updated Continuing Education Calendar  and Course Information for 2007, including Practical Lymphatic Drainage and Fascial Link Therapy E3ourses.   All of our classes are now approved as continuing education classes by NCBTMB and qualify for most state licenses as continuing education classes for licensed massage therapists.

    Looking for information about
Fascial LinkTM Therapy or
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Services??

Visit our Articles Page for useful information such as What is Fascial Link Therapy, and History and Development of Fascial Link Therapy.  Feel free to share this information with friends, family, and health professionals.  More information about Fascial Link Therapy or Lymphatic Drainage Therapy services in our clinic is available on the Therapy Services page.

For useful lymphatic drainage information, you may want to review What To Do When You Have Sinus Pain, or how to Amplify the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage.  Upcoming eBooks will offer additional information for those of you wanting to know more about preventing and getting over those winter colds and flus, and boosting your immune system.  Feel free to Contact Us with questions or comments.

Litebook Elite
Clinically proven to
improve mood and health!

ChinaGel Topical Analgesic Pain Relieving Gel
Topical Analgesic 4 oz. $12.95
More Self-Care Products

Formula 303
Natural Relaxant

$15.00 90 count

Qlink EMF Elimination Pendant

Energy Healing 6-Hour Program DVDs
with Donna Eden

Fresh Air for Life
by Dr. Alan Somersall



Grow with us - we promote positive transformation...person to person.

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