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Safety Muscles eBook

by Allison Ishman
LMT, Fascial Link Therapy Developer


This easy-to-read eBook explains how typical daily postures begin to misalign and bend poorly due to common daily activities such as desk work, standing, carrying, walking, running and lifting.  The "Safety Muscles" that balance small, core postural muscles with the tight muscles we use everyday are explained with photos, how-to's for strengthening with only a fitness ball and light weights, and everyday and clinical explanations of how these muscles strengthen and balance posture.  Expect 2-3 weeks of safe strengthening to improve your posture and help relieve muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, hips back and knees!


Upcoming eBook!

My Hips are Doing What?
Postural Causes for Low Back, Hip and Leg Pain

by Allison Ishman
LMT, Fascial Link Therapy Developer


Learn and understand the common causes for muscle imbalances, strain, and pain caused by slumping, slouching, hauling, carrying and the sitting postures that are so common in today's lifestyle.  Learn how these postures contribute to low back, hip and leg pain, and how they can be overcome with simple stretching and strengthening programs at home or in the gym!  This is and excellent resource for clients going through any postural therapy, including Fascial Link Therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, rolfing, structural integration, neuromuscular therapy, and others!

Safety Muscles
Guide Book

Printed Version

by Allison Ishman
LMT, Fascial Link Therapy Developer

see description above

Upcoming Book!
My Hips are Doing What?
Postural Causes for
Low Back, Hip and Leg Pain

by Allison Ishman
LMT, Fascial Link Therapy Developer

see description above


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