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  • Instructor Allison Ishman

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Quarterly Lymphatic Drainage Wellness Certification & Training Programs
from Ishman BodyCare Center & Institute!

About the Lymphatic Drainage Program

Join us for a stimulating and inspiring track of education that helps you provide this gentle care to anyone without a systemic illness!  Certificants in our program are qualified to provide manual lymphatic drainage appropriate for sinus care and relief, detoxification, joint health, immune support, hormonal health including PMS and menstruation, insomnia, wound and surgical healing, fighting infection, and increased relaxation.  Manual lymph drainage is also known to relieve trigger point and myofascial pain syndromes, including CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and fibromyalgia.

Wellness Certification in
Lymphatic Drainage

The certification program enrollment option includes the Lymphatic Drainage Full weekend course and both Practicum One and Two Courses listed below.  This program provides the best framework for assessing your patient, understanding the indications and cautions for using lymphatic drainage methods, practicing lymphatic drainage in a way that is appropriate to each client, and having the confidence in your work that a hands-on practitioner needs to promote him or herself as a manual lymphatic drainage provider.  This program is designed for you to work with any person in your practice that is healthy and does not have a systemic illness.


The Lymphatic System
and Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system plays an underestimated role in the health of our bodies. Functions of this system include the absorption of excess fluid anywhere in the body and its return to the blood stream, the absorption of trapped toxins and hormones in the body's cells, and critical support for the bodys immune system.  It also helps to lubricate joints, flush respiratory areas, and helps the body recover from workouts and periods of stress.  It is a waste removal and nutritional fluid balancer, carrying proteins and body substances from superficial skin areas to the the deep organ cavities of the body.

Unlike our blood, lymphatic fluid does not use the heart as a pump. Lymph transport (or drainage) primarily depends upon the contraction of skeletal musclesthus the importance of exercise. A body which is not moving will begin to stagnate in more ways than one!  Manual Lymphatic Drainage can increase the flow of lymph up to 20 TIMES it's usual rate. These courses will teach you how to add lymph drainage to existing sessions and how to provide hour-long lymphatic drainage therapy sessions on people without a systemic illness.

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Certification Exams

Obtaining certification in lymphatic drainage shows competency in the work.  Rather than having just a certificate of completion or attendance, this certificate shows that you know what you are doing.  Your certification can be provided to employers, patients, other health professionals, and more.

The written portion of the certification exam includes multiple choice questions that center on the anatomy, physiology and history of the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage.  It includes using the names and understanding the application of techniques to the body.  Ther are a few questions in essay format that require writing out a few sentences for each question.

Certification exams are available to students who complete this track of education at the end of every Practicum Two course.  At present, there is a $75 exam fee, which covers the administrative costs of credentialing your education.   Participants who  want more supervised learning can also opt to re-take any course an additional time for a low cost before taking a certification exam.   The certification fee is paid at the time of taking the written portion of the exam. 


Enroll in the Lymphatic Drainage Certification Track - Save $100

Individual Courses

Introduction to
Lymphatic Drainage
Learn more

Discover the basics of the lymphatic system and how it integrates into the body.  Taught for hands-on health professionals, this course will enable therapists to safely incorporate lymphatic drainage into their current sessions that include other forms of therapy. The routine learned in the course will take 8-12 minutes to apply to a patient.

Time: 1 pm - 6 pm
Credits: 5 CEs
Rate: $79.00

Practical Lymphatic Drainage
Full Body Overview Course

Learn more

Following this course, therapists may offer 60-minute treatments specifically for lymphatic drainage.  We will cover anatomy and physiology of the lymph and blood, scope of practice, indications and contraindications.  Students will spend the majority of this course in hands-on learning and practice.

Times: Fri  1-6pm, Sat/Sun  9 am - 6 pm
Rate: $499 30+ days early, $549 within 30 days
Credits: 19 CEs

Lymphatic Drainage Practicum One
The First  Skill-Building Course  
Learn more

Students who have completed our Lymphatic Drainage Full Course can attend this practicum to expand and refine their hands-on skills.  This is a good chance to refine a new technique, and to correct subtleties in the application of the work.  Students must arrive with notes on at least 4 lymphatic drainage sessions they have performed since the Full Course, and be prepared to discuss them. 

Time: 9 am - 6 pm,
$199 Anytime Rate, 8 CE's

Lymphatic Drainage Practicum Two
The Second Skill-Building Course  
Learn more

Students who have completed our Lymphatic Drainage Full Course can attend this second practicum to expand and refine their skills, as well as to learn the relationship between the meridians and the lymphatic system.  We will learn and practice the application of techniques to address the meridian and lymphatic systems.

Time: 9 am - 6 pm,
$199 Anytime Rate, 8 CE's

Introduction to Lymphatic Drainage

Quarterly Fridays       Time: 1 pm - 6 pm

Call us at 630-355-5125


Practical Lymphatic Drainage Full Course

Quarterly Fridays  from 1  -6 pm,
Saturdays/Sundays 9 am - 5 pm,
$149  Anytime Rate

Call us at 630-355-5125


Grow with us - we promote positive transformation...person to person.

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