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Fascial Link TherapyTM

Fascial Link Therapytm was developed to get faster results in clinical and sports therapy settings to relieve pain, discomfort and tension by treating the body's muscles and fascial together.  With skill in addressing connective tissues and muscles along Fascial Link lines, results are faster, more profound, and less painful for clients during treatment.


Developed while working with competitive athletes, repetitive stress injuries, fibromyalgia, back pain, and many other pain conditions, Fascial Link Therapy builds on our knowledge or sound neuromuscular principles, and applies them through modernized treatment methods for releasing muscles & connective tissue posturally.  Fascial Link Therapy courses will teach you how to work along lines of stress, to find and use musculo-tendinous junctions for faster results, evaluate neuromuscular responses and calibrate your treatment to them, and to use a dual-release technique for smoother neuromuscular re-education.   In this way, you can treat quickly and effectively using two release points together, and refine your communication skills to make therapy work remarkably effective.

Fascial Link TherapyTM is efficient in relieving pain more quickly than traditional therapies, with some measurable results in a matter of minutes and with less pain for clients during its application.  Fascial LinkTM Therapy progresses from these quick results in each session to broader therapy plans that bridge western linear and eastern relational skills.

There are two tracks of education offered for the Fascial Link Therapy practitioner.  These two tracks enable therapists to learn information in a progressive way, and build on each course to fine tune your therapy skills when using Fascial Link Therapy.


Fascial Link Neuromuscular Therapy builds practitioner skills with neuromuscular and myofascial techniques, working with layers of restriction in the body by evaluating muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the fascial system.  A clear understanding of the underlying cause of pain is a learning process.  As such, courses are set up over time to allow practitioners to apply neuromuscular and fascial understanding to their work, use Fascial Link charts during sessions and develop structural treatment skills through the Fascial Link Neuromuscular Therapy Practicum level.

Fascial Link Energy Therapy courses are designed to help the practitioner understand how stressors and lifestyle patterns influence the body's fascial and energy systems.  Integrated care of structural and energy systems allows practitioners to have even more accuracy and effectiveness in resolving pain and discomfort.  Skills are based in meridian therapies and the Five-Element system found in traditional Chinese medicine, and are applied with light or no touch methods.  Also included in this track are skills in basic causes of energy disorganization, Extraordinary Meridian Channel physiology and therapies, Chakra physiology and therapies, and Aura physiology and therapies.  Clinical guidelines for the application of these skills are emphasized, as this track is specifically intended for clinical soft-tissue professionals.

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