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Fascial Link Energy Therapy Education Track

This track provides Fascial Link Therapy practitioners with the skills needed to integrate western linear and eastern relational methods of care.  Each of the energy systems learned and discussed are intended to amplify your effectiveness with meridian-centered energy therapy, with special attention paid to it's effects on the most restricted areas of fascia in the body.  The body's energy systems can have a valuable impact on restrictions held in the body that limit healing.  With this information, the Fascial Link Therapist has the broad skill base he or she needs to effect the fascial changes sought.

Recommended Texts  Energy Systems Article

Fascial Link Energy Therapytm One: Basic Energy Assessment and Treatment Skills

Energy System Basics and the Meridian Channels


With an emphasis on the study of how meridian channels and energy systems affect fascia and release neuromuscular patterns, this course provides therapy skills based in traditional Chinese medicine.  Use this age-old, effective system to release lifestyle and emotional stresses you and your clients experience in daily life, and thereby balancing the fascial system.  Learn more about this work in our Energy Systems ArticleFollowing completion if this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the concept of circadian rhythm, and how meridian channels follow this system

  2. Evaluate with Energy Testing / Energy Kinesiology methods

  3. Explain symptoms associated with triple warmer imbalances and demonstrate techniques for assessing and treating this imbalance

  4. Assess the body for Homolateral patterns and other core energy imbalances

  5. Determine meridian channel imbalances using alarm point testing, polarity assessment, and directional meridian channel tracing methods

  6. List the imbalanced and balanced emotional responses or states for each for the 14 meridian channels

  7. Correct and Tune meridian channels that are not functioning well

Fascial Link Energy Therapytm Two: Advanced Triple Warmer Assessment and Treatment

The Meridian Channels within the 5 Elements

  1. Learn and demonstrate advanced assessment and treatment skills for triple warmer channel imbalances.

  2. Refine your understanding of the meridian channel system

  3. Review and explain the Five Element System, with an understanding of the principles associated with each element / season.

  4. Understand and explain the relationship of each meridian channel within the five element system

  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the Five Element system, and show how to assess meridian channel imbalances with Five Element testing.

  6. Discuss principles for determining causes of soft tissue discomfort and how to determine which treatment skills to apply first.

Fascial Link Energy Therapytm Three: Larger Energy Systems: Integrated Extraordinary Meridian Channels, Chakras and Aura Work

  1. Learn and demonstrate the locations of extraordinary meridian channel in the body

  2. Evaluate each Radiant Circuit for imbalance or being out of tune, and show the treatment process for each

  3. Describe the qualities and common properties of the chakra system

  4. Practice and demonstrate changes to the chakra system.  Emphasis is on balancing and doing no harm

  5. Describe qualities and common properties of the body's Aura system

  6. Learn basic methods for working with the Aura, and when to apply them

Fascial Link Energy Therapytm Four: Energy and Fascial Practicum

  1. Refine your skills in working with complex clinical conditions

  2. Review the application of each of your energy skills and how to apply them.

  3. Recognize parallels between fascial link lines and traditional Chinese meridian channels

  4. Discuss application of techniques for specific conditions.


Fascial Link CoursesTM are designed to qualify therapists to become Fascial Link Certified.  A certification test is in development, and will be available to therapists following completion of all each track of Fascial Link Courses.

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