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Fibromyalgia Care with Sue Gibson

Learn theory and hands-on trigger point techniques to improve and satisfy care for clients with Fibromyalgia. 

Course Details and Information

Fibromyalgia is an extremely common condition, that can be challenging to
manage.  As therapists every tool in our toolbox can assist our clients to a
more comfortable and productive life.

Learning objectives

1. Massage therapists will have a better understanding of what fibromyalgia is and how related conditions affect the clients we may see.

2. Massage therapists will be able to demonstrate basic energy techniques, MFR and Positional release to affect change and pain relief in the fibromyalgia client.

3. The massage therapist will be able to give guided visualization with massage to help clients continue the pain management on a daily basis.

4. The massage therapist will have information and home �helpful hints� to better coach their clients in self management as an adjunct to massage.


I. Definitions and review of classic and uncommon symptoms and complaints of clients with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia

II. Look at extrinsic factors that may be aggravating symptoms

   a. Diet
   b. Sleep
   c. Overbooking
   d. Overuse
   e. Psychological factors

III. Using guided visualization during the massage session

   a. Pain awareness exercise
   b. How to use breath and colors to diffuse �THE SPOTS�

IV. Using the "less is more" theory

   a. Using energy techniques
       i. Reiki, therapeutic touch, aura clearing

   b. Trigger point massage with a light touch

       i. Orthobionomy

       ii. Positional release

       iii. Myofacial release

V. Giving your client homework

   a. Crayons and the gingerbread man

   b. Family discussion and the color

VI. Questions and follow-up

Course Schedule and Fees

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