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Fitness Training Programs   

Every person has a different set of goals and different reasons for working with a personal trainer.  The following may be used to assist you in meeting your goals. Allison Ishman, Certified Personal Trainer, will help you design the plan that works best for you.  Many clients enjoy using our 100 Day Plan to track progress and help stay on track.

  • Cardiovascular Activity Information and Planning. 
    While everyone has a preferred activity or sport, suggestions to improve your conditioning and diversify it where needed are usually part of a personal training program.  This may include walking, running, cycling, swimming, or using many indoor machines such as elliptical trainers, ski machines, treadmills, rowing machines, stair climbers, heart rate monitors, or other items.  Heart rate training books are available to those interested in learning more about Heart Zone Training.  
  • Strength Training. 
    Strength programs all begin with safety and injury prevention.  Allison's zero percent injury rate as a trainer may be because she prioritizes safety muscle strengthening and reviews everyone's posture as it relates to daily activities..  Other strength training programs or strategies may be used to obtain your goals, including:
    • Strength training for weight loss
    • Strength training for balance and coordination
    • Pre-exhaustion training
    • Endurance strength training  
    • and others.

    Strength programs typically involve the use of free weights or strength machines, Therabands, Gymballs, Medicine Balls, ankle weights, and other useful tools.

  • Stretching Activities. 
    Flexibility and recovery are important parts of staying aware, rejuvenating, and being injury free.  As both a therapist and a trainer (as well as an ex-gymnast and current rock climber), Allison offers thorough and effective stretching programs.  These programs maximize the benefits in the time you take to stretch your muscles and tendons.  Most people enjoy learning a good passive stretching program, but advanced stretching techniques may also be used, including stretching with a rope, a therapeutic ball, or with resisted stretching techniques.
  • Nutritional Support.   
    Nutrition is a key component to being healthy and reaching your wellness goals.  At minimum, verbal check- ins assure that you are getting nutrients in the right proportions.  At maximum, we can journal and analyze the nutrients and in your food and discuss it in terms of proper ratios and caloric needs.  Current industry information is key here, as people develop a better understanding of how food, vitamins, and minerals affect our health.  

    View our Initial Questionnaire here to get started using this program. Then schedule an appointment for a Fitness Program Setup to get started!  For more information, view our Benefits of Weight Management brochure or our PhD Prepared Meal Templates brochure. 
  • Motivational Concepts
    These keep you energized and on track.  The focus is on helping you make well-educated choices for your own body and mind.  As a result, you can discover the many ways of live healthily and find motivation in learning new things!
  • Professional communication with your health care providers.  
    We can talk to your doctors or therapists whenever it is necessary.  We welcome the opportunity to be part of your health care team.

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