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Hands Heal: The Proof is in the SOAP Chart



Documentation is boring.  Students dread it.  Practitioners hate it.  Can you blame them?

This 8-hour class will guide the therapist into SOAP charting made interesting, emotional, and meaningful.  Documenting the client's progress can prove to be fascinating.  What's not to be excited about discovering that SOAP notes show the "how" and "why" the client could be experiencing a change in his/her physical capabilities?  Documentation is the practitioners road map to adventure.  I invite you to join me on the journey.  Together we'll discover the positive effects and the definitive results on your massage clients that SOAP charting can tally and help you achieve.  Get behind the wheel of this course and take advantage of the adventure that is yours to have!

Course covers the purpose of documentation, the definition and application of SOAP, Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan sections of charting, the role of documentation in today�s health care and legal system, and includes a final test for competency.   Homework is provided as optional.

Based on the Text, Hands Heal: Documentation for Massage Therapy by Diana Thompson.

Required Text
: Hands Heal: Documentation for Massage Therapy by Diana Thompson.

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Grow with us - we promote positive transformation...person to person.

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