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Professional Education


Practical Lymphatic Drainage Courses and Wellness Certification Program

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a gentle, low-impact hands-on technique used to reduce swelling and decongest tissues and joints. It may be used for sinus pain and discomfort, help detoxify the body during menses or other detoxification processes, post-surgery, after an injury, and for chronic lymphedema.

Practical Lymphatic Drainage Introductory Course  5 CEs
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

This course will enable therapists to safely incorporate lymphatic drainage into their current sessions that include other forms of therapy, and includes:

  • An overview of the lymphatic system

  • Introduction of hand-on techniques for the overall lymphatic system

  • Benefits of lymphatic drainage

  • Lymph anatomy and physiology concepts

Practical Lymphatic Drainage Full Course  19CEs
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

Learn the techniques and anatomy to provide lymphatic drainage for the body.  This course packs in a lot of information, so be prepared with strong study skills and consider purchasing the additional textbooks for learning support!  Practicum courses listed below are strongly recommended for those that plan to apply this work in practice.  Additional courses help to correct lymphatic mapping challenges, improve technique, apply problem-solving skills and improve clinical effectiveness, and increase effective knowledge of the lymphatic anatomy.

  • Anatomy, Physiology, and History of the Lymph System

  • Properties of Lymph and Cardiovascular Systems

  • Mapping and Analysis of Lymphatic Vessels

  • Indications and Contraindications for Lymphatic Drainage

  • Techniques for Lymphatic Drainage

  • Treating Core areas, Neck, Head, Arms, Hands, Thorax, Back, Hips, Legs, and Feet

  • Swelling / Treating Special Areas of Lymphedema

  • Guidelines for Post-Operative Conditions, Sinus Congestion, Breast Cancer, Sport Environments

Lymphatic Drainage Practicum  8 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

Students who have completed our Lymphatic Drainage Full Course can attend this practicum to expand and refine their skills.  This is a place to take learning from the full course and reach the competency level you want to use lymphatic drainage with a large variety of people in your therapy practice.  This course will:

  • Refine hands-on skills

  • Improve care for specific conditions

  • Increase their lymphatic anatomy and physiology training

  • Explore new applications of lymph drainage therapy

  • Share experiences with other lymphatic drainage professionals

  • Qualify professionals to sit for our Practical Lymphatic Drainage Certification exam available

Fascial Link Therapy Courses and 2-Year Certification Program

Learn more

2-Year Fascial Link Therapy Professional Education Program

Both tracks of education can be completed in two years, with quarterly courses and two required practice sessions per week between courses.

Fascial Link TherapyTM developed from traditional neuromuscular & myofascial therapy methods to get faster results in clinical and sports therapy settings for pain relief, discomfort and tension through treating muscles and fascia together. With skill in addressing connective tissue and muscle along fascial link lines, results are faster, more profound, and less painful for clients during treatment. Due to the relaxation-inducing effects, Fascial Link Therapy is great for spas and relaxation settings also.
Useful while working with competitive athletes, repetitive stress injuries, fibromyalgia, back pain, and many other pain conditions, Fascial Link TherapyTM builds our knowledge of sound neuromuscular principles, and applies them through modernized treatment methods for releasing muscles & connective tissue for postural balance. Fascial Link Therapy courses will teach you how to work along lines of stress, to find and use musculotendinous junctions for faster results, evaluate neuromuscular responses and calibrate your treatment to them, and to use a Dual-Release Technique for smoother neuromuscular re-education. In this way, you can treat quickly and effectively to make therapy work remarkably effective. When postural imbalances are not the root of the problem, Fascial Link Energy Therapy provides you with the tools to assess and care for integrated energy systems and fascia. Our meridian-centered energy systems training is based in years of study and practice.

Fascial Link TherapyTM is efficient in relieving pain more quickly than traditional therapies, with some measurable results in a matter of minutes and with less pain for clients during its application. Fascial Link TherapyTM progresses from these quick results in each session to broader therapy plans that bridge western linear thinking and eastern relational methods of care.  Download Program Overview


  Fascial Anatomy 8 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

This course outlines the names of fascial structures, explores the varying thicknesses of fascias, and reviews muscles and tendons. We will discuss the functions and postural relationships of the body's myofascia. Discussion includes tissue responses to gravity and repetitive tasks of daily life, as well as typical sports and lifestyle.

This is a required prerequisite course for Fascial Link Neuromuscular Therapy classes. It is also an interesting and useful course on it's own. Join us to explore the relationship of different fascial types in the body!

  Fascial Link Neuromuscular Therapytm One:
  Lower Body
32 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

Develop your skills in working with different types of fascias in the body, evaluate postural imbalances, and build neuromuscular therapy skills. Learn to:

  1. Learn, draw and palpate lower body fascial link lines

  2. Understand & practice the Dual Release Technique

  3. Refine communication with client responses

  4. Establish a Five Receptor Plan

  5. Address lower body conditions with Fascial Link Therapy, including plantar fasciitis, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Achilles tendonitis and shin splints

  6. Explore lower body fascial link lines for unique compensation patterns

  Fascial Link Neuromuscular Therapytm Two:
  Upper Body
32 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

Students will bring charts from their own practices to this course to present.  This course will enable you to:

  1. Learn, draw and palpate fascial link lines and fascia in the upper body

  2. Use Dual Release and MLCM techniques to treat upper body fascial link lines

  3. Address conditions with Fascial Link Therapytm, such as carpal tunnel, golfers/tennis elbow, bicipital tendinitis, rotator cuff injury, upper & lower back pain,

  4. Connect fascial link lines and refine evaluation skills for neuromuscular function and dysfunction between upper and lower body

  5. Use the Fascial Link Therapytm Stages & Quadrants chart

  6. Explore working with layers of fascial link lines

  7. With the ability to treat most of the body, the �distal link� and �core patterns� will be introduced

  8. Better recognize common link patterns

  Fascial Link Neuromuscular Therapytm Three:
  Head and Neck
32 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

Students will bring 20+ hours of charts from practice sessions to FLNT3.  Advance your skills to:

  1. Learn, draw and palpate fascial link lines for head and neck

  2. Use appropriate techniques to treat head and neck

  3. Address conditions with Fascial Link Therapytm, such as headaches, neck pain, tingling/numbness in hands and arms, jaw pain / TMJ

  4. Understand, explain and apply treatment techniques for �distal link� patterns

  5. Learn common treatment methods for distal link related conditions


  Fascial Link Neuromuscular Therapytm Four:
  Neuromuscular Practicum 32 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

Students will bring 20+ hours of charts from practice sessions to FLNT4.  The Fascial Link Neuromuscular Therapy Practicum will refine your Fascial Link Therapytm abilities overall.  Key development areas include:

  1. Practice your skills in a supervised setting, and receive feedback as your linking skills grow

  2. Advance your understanding of the body�s fascial systems and integrate your care for muscles, tendons, and fascia

  3. Learn to assess whether these conditions are caused by structural imbalances: migraines, chronic neck and/or back pain, fibromyalgia, pain in apparently unrelated areas

  4. Work in a lab format, integrating your assessment and treatment skills, body mechanics & clinical records

  5. Present documented clinical case studies and chart them, to ensure your care has the full scope of daily practices that enable to you get results with the fascial link system. 


Fascial Link Energy Therapytm One :
Energy System Basics and Merdian Channels
32 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

With an emphasis on the study of how meridians and energy systems affect fascia and release neuromuscular patterns, this course provides therapy skills based in traditional Chinese medicine.  Use this age-old, effective system to release lifestyle and emotional stresses you and your clients experience in daily life, and thereby balancing the fascial system. Following completion if this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the concept of circadian rhythm, and how meridians follow this system

  2. Evaluate with energy testing/kinesiology methods

  3. Explain symptoms associated with triple warmer imbalances and demonstrate techniques for assessing and treating this imbalance

  4. Assess the body for homo-lateral patterns and other core energy imbalances

  5.  Determine meridian imbalances using alarm point testing, polarity assessment, and directional meridian tracing methods

  6. List the imbalanced and balanced emotional responses or states for each for the 14 meridians

  7. Correct and �tune� meridians that are not functioning well

Fascial Link Energy Therapy Two:
Advanced Triple Warmer Assessment and Treatment
32 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

The Meridians within the 5 Elements

  1. Learn and demonstrate advanced assessment and
    treatment skills for triple warmer Imbalances.

  2. Refine your understanding of the meridian system

  3. Review and explain the Five Element System, with an understanding of the principles associated with each element / season.

  4. Understand and explain the relationship of each meridian within the five element system

  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the Five Element system, and show how to assess meridian imbalances with Five Element testing.

  6. Discuss principles for determining causes of soft tissue discomfort and how to determine which treatment skills to apply first.

Fascial Link Energy Therapy Three:
Larger Energy Systems: Extraordinary Meridian Channels, Chakras and Aura Work
32 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

  1. Learn and demonstrate the locations of extraordinary meridian channels in the body

  2. Evaluate each extraordinary meridian channel for imbalance or being out of tune, and show the treatment process for each

  3. Describe the qualities and common properties of the chakra system

  4. Practice and demonstrate changes to the chakra system.  Emphasis is on balancing and doing no harm

  5. Describe qualities and common properties of the body's Aura system

  6. Learn basic methods for working with the Aura, and when to apply them

Fascial Link Energy Therapy Four:
Energy Practicum
32 CE's
Upcoming Course Calendar and Prices

  1. Refine your skills in working with complex clinical conditions

  2. Review the application of each of your energy skills and how to apply them.

  3. Recognize Parallels Between Fascial Link Lines and Traditional Chinese Meridians

  4. Discuss application of techniques for specific conditions.


Fascial Link CoursesTM are designed to qualify therapists to become Fascial Link Certified.  A certification test is in development, and will be available to therapists following completion of all each track of Fascial Link Courses.


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