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Low Back, Shoulder, and Hip Pain

In October 1993, I under went surgery for a bunion on my right foot and was sent home for a six week recovery. Since I was anxious to drive again, and to be able to ride my horse, I made sure I followed the post-operative instructions to lay down with my foot elevated for two to three days or longer. Due to the rest I got I felt I had a head start to a quick recovery.

Two weeks after surgery I began experiencing increased pain in my lower back, shoulders, and hips. The way I was twisting to walk to compensate for the surgical shoe was causing a great strain on my muscles. I called Allison Ishman for a therapeutic massage.

Allison evaluated my condition by listening to what I had been through, watching how I walked, and by feeling my condition through a massage. She showed me how to walk in a way that I would not put a strain on my body. She showed me exercises to do to keep my muscles relaxed, and explained how follow-up massages would help my entire body recover from the effects of the surgery.

Allison gave me a massage once a week for the next three weeks. As she was doing a massage she would inform me of muscle tightness that I had and how to take care of myself between appointments. These sessions improved my physical health as well as my mental health. Five weeks out of surgery I was able to drive again and get on my horse.

Eight weeks after surgery I took my first riding lesson since May. My riding instructor, that I have had for seven years, could not believe that I was riding and that I was riding so well. She said my entire body was straighter than it had ever been and I seemed to be riding in a very relaxed manner. She is a firm believer in massage therapy and was very impressed with the work that Allison had done.

Allison has always been very responsible as well as reliable. Recently on a Friday evening my husband, Roger, fell and hurt his side. We called Allison. She came to our house and helped us understand his injury and how to take care of it. She also gave him some stretching exercises to do to avoid stiffness as he healed. He felt better mentally after Allison left and is physically healing by taking care of himself the way she instructed. Roger also experienced back and shoulder soreness due to his injury. Allison gave him a therapeutic massage which has relieved those aches and pains.

Allison is professional and caring and a delightful person to work with. Allison continues to expand her education and knowledge of the massage therapy field which we as clients find very beneficial for physical and mental healing. I continue to have monthly massage sessions with Allison.


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