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The Optimal Diet for Overall Health Video

    From the earliest dietary codes of civilizations to current research into cancer and cardiovascular disease, there has been a continuing attempt to understand the relationship between nutrition and health. Acknowledging that nutrition studies in the past have often been contradictory or confusing, Dr. Gardner's latest research findings cut through the complexity and provide a sound basis for optimal dietary guidelines. Instead of dwelling on what you should avoid eating, Dr. Gardner focuses on overall dietary patterns that concentrate on the good things you should include.

    This video is produced in conjunction with the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention, at the Stanford School of Medicine. This lecture presents leading-edge research in a friendly format that's easy to understand. Dr. Gardner gives you specific things you can do right now to make yourself healthier for life.

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Christopher Gardner, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director of Nutrition Studies
Stanford School of Medicine

Video: 24 minutes (2002)

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