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This is an overview page for personal training and Pilates services. 
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What's involved in a Fitness Plan?

Every person has a different set of goals and different reasons for working with a personal trainer.  The following may be used to assist you in meeting your goals. Here we will help you design the plan that works best for you either with workbooks, computer programs, phone calls, live hands-on sessions, or internet coaching.  Most programs typically include cardiovascular activity information and planning, strength training, stretching activities, nutritional support, motivational concepts, and professional communication with your health care providers.  Ask about our new diet planning program for weight loss or our new one-on-one pilates coaching services!

Achieving Balance

Balancing out work or personal activities is a key component of staying injury-free, full of energy, and motivated.  Workouts do not have to be painful or unmanagable.

Information about Sport Conditioning Programs

Benefits to Personal Training

  • Motivation!  Keep on track with your plan to be a better you!

  • Safety.  Reduce stress and improve  performance at home and at work!

  • Feel better.  Improve strength and endurance

  • Learn.  Get the newest research - information on health and fitness, and learn how it applies to you

  • Get Results.  Manage Weight - Lose, gain, or maintain your weight.  Increase energy and attitude as you feel and look better...

How to Get Started

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More Information: Review About My Plan

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Grow with us - we promote positive transformation...person to person.

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