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Lymphatic Drainage Courses

Strongly Recommended

Textbook of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage (Paperback)
by Gunther Wittlinger (Author), Hildegard Wittlinger (Author), Robert H. Harris (Translator)

G�nther Wittlinger & Hildegard Wittlinger - 7th Edition 2004.

This textbook (135 pages, 18 illustrations) has been the standard text used throughout the world for the Dr. Vodder School training program. The authors of this book, Hildegard and Gunther Wittlinger, founded the world-renowned Dr. Vodder School and Clinic in Walchsee, Austria.

The book explains the basis of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage and its effect on various systems in the body. The lymph system is described with charts showing the superficial and deep lymph pathways. Indications and contraindications are discussed with a short description of various edemas. The practical section describes the strokes and sequences used for patients with an intact lymph system.


Compendium of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage
by Renato Kasseroller (Author)

Renato Kasseroller, MD - 1998.

This textbook (211 pages, 53 illustrations) on the subject of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage is written by the former medical director of the Dr. Vodder School in Austria, Renato Kasseroller, MD.

Basic anatomy and physiology, pertinent to MLD are described, with an overview of the basic systems in the body. Simple, clear diagrams show the lymph pathways. The theory is up to date and concurrent with the theory lectures now given in the Dr. Vodder training program.

There is more depth given in this book to lymphedema and therapy with photos of several different types of patients. Other chapters of the book are devoted to traumatic injuries, central nervous system disorder, dermatological condition, rheumatic disorders and arthropathies.

There is a section at the end of the book dealing with practical aspects of MLD. Therapy strokes are described and photographed.


Neurolymphatic Chart

with Five Element & Meridian References

Use this easy-to-follow, color coded anatomical chart of lymphatic points on the body, and learn how specific points are associated with specific meridians. Color coding shows which of the five elements each point is, and a useful legend shows each meridian.


Fascial Link Therapy Levels S1-S4

Strongly Recommended

The Fasciae: Anatomy, Dysfunction and Treatment

is the first book to organize the wealth of available information concerning fascial tissues from the fields of embryology, anatomy, histology, and pathology. It describes the roles and mechanisms of the fasciae, and details appropriate testing and treatment techniques. The book is richly illustrated with color and black and white drawings throughout.

314 pages, 7" x 10"
157 color and b&w illustrations
Smyth-sewn softcover

ISBN:  0-939616-53-X


Anterior & Posterior Fascia Chart

for Fascial Link Therapy and Balancing Posture

8-1/2 x 11, Laminated

This easy Anterior and Posterior Fascia Chart helps you understand which areas to stretch, self-massage or to use for Fascial Link Therapy to balance and reduce stress and tension throughout the body.

Color Atlas of Human Anatomy Vol 1: Locomotor System: Locomotor System (Paperback)
by Werner Platzer (Author)

A well-balanced combination of a full-fledged anatomic atlas and textbook, eminently useful to students and medical practitioners alike. Skillful visual approach to anatomy, which is a must in every physician's education, is happily wedded to a lucid text juxtaposed page by page with magnificent multicolor illustrations in such a manner that the concise description of the functional aspects of anatomy provides a useful guide for the perceptive student. Aspects of physiology and biochemistry are included to the extent they have a bearing on the material presented.

  • Paperback: 462 pages
  • Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers; 5 edition (2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1588901599
  • ISBN-13: 978-1588901590
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.1 x 0.9 inches



Trail Guide to the Body

THIRD EDITION! Trail Guide to the Body Textbook: How to locate muscles, bones and more

Before you can assess or treat a muscle, you first must be able to locate it on the body. This acclaimed book, used in more than 1,700 manual therapy schools, is designed as a hands-on tour that will teach you to palpate the body's structure with ease and precision. With 420 pages and 1,100 illustrations covering more than 144 muscles, 206 bones, 30 ligaments and 110 bony landmarks, this text provides an invaluable map of the body.

Whether you are a massage therapist, physical therapist, sports trainer or student in any bodywork modality, Trail Guide to the Body is for you!

Trail Guide to the Body is one of only five texts on the examination reference list for both the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB).

ISBN# 978-0-9658534-5-3

Table of Contents



Trail Guide Student Handbook

If you want to differentiate your psoas from your scalenes or just want to ace the next quiz, you'll find the answer here. This handbook follows the chapters and structures as they are arranged in the Trail Guide to the Body textbook. A resourceful complement, this handbook contains 220 pages and 450 illustrations. It offers a variety of questions and exercises including fill-in-the-blanks, drawings to color, illustrations and matching exercises. A fun learning tool that will test a student's Trail Guide knowledge.

ISBN# 978-0-9658534-6-0


Fascial Link Therapy Energy Levels E1-E4

Strongly Recommended

Energy Medicine - The Scientific Basis
by James L. Oschman, PhD 
352 pages 94 ills  296 pages Copyright 2000 , Softcover, Reference


Description:  This book, written by a well-known scientist with a background in biophysics and biology brings together evidence from a range of disciplines to provide an acceptable explanation for the energetic exchanges that take place in all therapies. It addresses a growing interest in the field of mind-body medicine and the role of natural "energy forces" within the body in maintaining normal health and wellbeing. This in turn has lead to interest in how these energies or forces may be channeled to assist in healing and the restoration of normal health.

Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance

by James L. Oschman, PhD 
352 pages 94 ills  Trim size 6 X 9 in Copyright 2003 , Softcover, Reference


Description:   Focusing on the wealth of information emerging in the area of energy medicine, this unique resource explores mechanisms by which mind and body processes influence the body's healing and performance potential. Content draws on an extraordinary range of sources to explore theories of human energy � from physiology and biophysics, to examples drawn from the realms of "spontaneous healing," cutting-edge athletic and artistic performance, the martial arts, and various contemplative and spiritual practices. Providing new insights and theoretical models, it offers ways to apply these concepts directly, practically, and clinically.



Daily Energy Routine Cards

Business card size, Laminated

Business card-sized reminder cards help you remember and go through the Daily Energy routine, and can be carried in a purse, wallet or pocket for easy reference and as a reminder to do the routine throughout your day.


Five Elements Flow Wheel/Star Diagnostic Chart

8-1/2 x 11, Laminated

The Five Element Flow Wheel chart is an excellent visual chart of the flow patterns & control patterns between meridians in the five elements.



Meridian Daily Flow Wheel
with the Chinese Five Elements

8-1/2 x 11, Laminated

Our easy-to-follow, color coded meridian flow wheel chart helps you and your clients, patients, friends and family understand the times of day associated with each meridian, which meridians are related across the flow wheel, and which of the Chinese Five Elements each meridian is.


ORDER INFO Energy Medicine - The Book

Energy Medicine (Softcover)

by Donna Eden with David Feinstein


Now, working with her husband, David Feinstein, Ph.D., a former faculty member of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Donna has produced a book that not only articulates the principles of all therapies that work with the body as an energy system, it illustrates those principles with gripping case examples, backs them with the explosion of supportive research studies seen in the past few years, establishes them within a 5000 year cross-cultural perspective, and, most importantly, delivers to the reader a systematic program for self-care.  


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Neurolymphatic Chart
A handy reference for self-massage or professional massage of key lymphatic points

Flow Wheel Chart
Full-color chart 


Five Element
Flow Wheel Chart
A useful reference in full color for working with the Five Elements

Daily Energy Routine Cards
Reminders for
Energy Self-Care


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