Face Down Equipment
Vitrectomy Kit 4
Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery
Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery
Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery
Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery
Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery
Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery
Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery
Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery
Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery
Vitrectomy Kit 1
Vitrectomy Kit 2
Vitrectomy Kit 3
Crystal Clear Mirror
Crystal Clear Mirror
Crystal Clear Mirror

Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery - Complete Package


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Face Down Equipment After Eye Surgery

Hands-Free 8-inch Two Way Mirror, Soft 3-inch Ice Pack, Carry Case, and Choice of Fitted Face Rest Covers Included

All packages are QuickShip - Ship within 24 hours.

Find Comfort with our All-In-One Packages for Eye Surgery Recovery! Choose from a variety of covers, and select the Complete Kit or the Complete Kit with Comfort Bolster,. Take the stress out of recovering from eye surgery with an ibodycare Face Down Recovery Kit!

Our complete face-down head and neck support system with two-way mirror will provide accurate positioning and greater comfort for a successful surgical recovery. 

Designed to help you avoid neck strain and headaches, the cushioned, upholstered chest pad & deluxe adjustable platform has an adjustable face-down pillow to accurately set a perfect position after surgery.

Our kit provides an exceptionally comfortable way to rest and sleep after a vitrectomy, retinal detachment or macular hole surgery.  Using the Face Down Support System is fast and simple.

With no assembly required, simply slide the Face Down Support in between the box springs and the mattress for nighttime use, or set at a table, desk or counter for daytime use. 

Simply adjust the angles of the unit to fit your space. This package is ideal for vitrectomy, macular hole, and retinal detachment patients.

About Our Complete Eye Surgery Recovery Kit

  • Easy to Use, Portable, Lightweight Kit is 10 lbs boxed

  • Incredibly comfortable face pad

  • 3 Simple Adjustments to Set Up the Face Down Support System in just a few minutes. No Assembly Required

  • Hands-Free 2-way mirror

  • Soft 3" Ice Pack

  • Quality, Dust Free Zippered Carry and Storage Casewith Handle

  • Choice of Face Rest Covers

  • Disposable
  • Soft and Warm Fleece and Flannel Cover Set, or
  • Cool Seamless Face Rest Covers for the face rest
  • Many Uses
    • on the table/desk / counter
    • off the bed
    • on the bed
    • in the car
  • Ideal for Vitrectomy, Retinal Detachment, and Macular Hole patients

How to See More Easily During Your Eye Surgery Recovery

The Face Down Support can be used on top of a table or a desk (shorter position) or at a counter (often higher for taller patients), as well as inserted into the space below your mattress for use with a bed.  We also offer Day and Night Kits, with an extra Comfort Bolster for relaxing face down without inserting the support under the mattress.

In a seated position, this kit provides is a great way to sit down with the family and yet still be able to stay relaxed while face down. Use it for

  • reading
  • writing
  • eating
  • texting
  • watching videos or social media on a phone or tablet
  • socializing
  • watching television
  • playing cards and board games
  • Sipping through a straw
  • and much more. 

It takes 3 steps to adjust the support unit, and easily slide the mirror below as needed to see in front and above you.  This is ideal when talking to someone when you want to see their face, or angle it to watch TV using a book or magazine.  If you have any trouble adjusting it, simply call for tips and support!

To use the Face Down Support on the table or desk simply place the equipment at the top of it, lean towards the chest pad, and place your head on the face cushion. 

Choose a face cover option from our affordable disposable cover, a soft pile, cushioning fleece and flannel cover set, or a cooling seamless cotton cover for your kit.

Travel With The Ultra-Portable Face Down Tabletop Unit

Our Face Down Support may also be used for traveling to visit your doctor. This very light package is portable and can be placed on the patient’s lap in the car. Bring a throw pillow for extra lap comfort below the unit, if desired.

The 8-Inch, Clear View, Hands-Free Mirror

While you can hold our premium-sized mirror, you don't have to keep holding it on position, like mirrors with hinges. Simply place the hands-free 2-Way Mirror on top of the armrest shelf to watch television.

Adjust with a book or magazine to make the view higher or lower, to find the perfect angle.  Alternatively, hold it in your hands to see someone in front of you while standing, or to view an upper cabinet or shelf without changing your head position. 

You never have to hold the mirror angle, since it's already ideally angled. It's practical, convenient, and easy to use!

Extra Comfort with the Comfort Bolster Option

We offer a variety of kits at an affordable price to meet the needs of different people.  For an extra place to relax, choose the comfort to bolster Day and Night Kit, which allows you to bring the face rest pad and platform to the t-shaped comfort bolster, and rest face down without installing the unit between your mattress and box spring.  

The firm foam comfort bolster works well for large-breasted clients, or for anyone wanting another option for relaxation during the recovery period.  The comfort bolster provides a slanted surface, which supports the spine in a face-down position, and works well with the platform folded down, and the face rest pad already included in this kit.

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Setup Video:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
glen r.

versatile ,for bed or sitting , easy to change from sitting to laying down

Not for glasses or cpap

Bought this for recovering from eye surgery. It was marketed for face-down recovery in addition to massage. Unfortunately it could not be used. For someone who needs to remain face down for a week the device needs to accommodate eye glasses for day use and a cpap machine for night. The quality looked good but it was evident once it was set up that is was not usable in this situation. I think it should have noted these things when marketing for eye surgery recovery.

Bruce Patrick
Detached Retina

It did the job nicely

Archie H.
Glad I purchased this!!!

I am having a Virtrctomy and was told this is the item to get to help with being face down for 7 to 10 days. I have been tring it out and I feel it will help me during the difficult time. It is sturdy and adjustable so I can move it to diffrent places and even travel to my Dr.s appointments. Very pleased that i got this.

C Hudspa
Did its job!

I had a molecular hole in my eye and was told by my doctor to keep my head down for 5 days to prevent blindness. Although it required extreme self discipline, this did the trick. Easy to put together and pack up it saved my eye sight!

Although renting was and alternative, it saved me $100 by buying this one!



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Kristin D
Fair Oaks, CA

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Lucy J
Grawn, MI

I love the ibodycare Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash + Extra Rich Conditioner because it solves my problems, such as unmangeable heat treated hair, frizz, and dandruff!!

Mariana S
Coral Springs. FL

It looks so good...look at this shine, and it feels so nice!
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Kimberly S.
Lincoln, NE

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Brenda B
Issaquah, WA

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