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Airex Hercules Professional Exercise Mat 78"L x 39"W x 1"H

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With Airex¨ Exercise Mats, completely comfortable positioning is the key to a successful physical therapy, stretching or workout program. You want to keep yourself and patients as safe and comfortable as you can while progressing with your fitness or recovery program. The Airex gymnastic mats, including Coronella, Corona, Atlas, Hercules, Fitness 120, Fitline 140/180, and YogaPilates 190 provide maximum protection through their non-slip surface, superb cushioning and the soft and warm touch. They are east to clean, lightweight, easy to roll up, and last a long time. In addition to these advantages, Airex¨ exercise mats are treated with the Sanitized¨ process, which ensures a permanent hygienic environment.

Airex Excercise Mats and Balance Products are soft yet firm, and comfortable yet reliable.
This Airex Hercules Exercise Mat is also defined by its comfort and size, as it's one of the largest mats in the product range. Built for long-term use, the Atlas is a must-have for physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, rehab, stretching, floor exercises and strength training.

Comfortable and non-slip, it is made from closed-cell foam with an "integrally molded skin" for extra toughness. The Atlas is so comfortable, users find the soft and cushioned support ideal for floor and mat-based workouts. Perfect for traditional floor exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges and ideal as the perfect base to go under any of the Airex Pads. More than 6.5' long, the Atlas is generously sized at 79" x 49" and is outstandingly comfortable at 1" thick.

Lightweight at approximately 16 lbs., users move and relocate the Atlas time and again with ease. It's ideal for all therapy applications, exercises and training.

Extra-soft and tear resistant, the transverse ribbing pattern is molded into the mat to resist rips and holes and to give the mat enough flexibility to be "rolled-up" for carrying and storage.

The incredible durability of the Atlas makes this an ideal mat to be used in gyms, studios, spas, wellness facilities and even outdoors. That's why it's common to find Airex in Olympic training camps, performance centers, fitness studios and clubs all over the globe.

Because of its high buoyancy, the Atlas is a preferred mat of therapists and patients in hydrotherapy. The Atlas also features integrated sanitized hygiene protection so odors are eliminated and the growth of fungus, bacteria and mildew is inhibited.

Rinsing with fresh, soapy water is all that's needed. Shake off the excess water and allow to air dry. Damp mats shouldn't be stored in lockers or confined spaces.

Airex mats are always Latex-free. Safe in unexpected ways, as the ends will remain flat and not curl over time, preventing tripping.

Airex Excercise Mats are ideal for floor routines and excercises

Excercise Mats can also be used in hydrotherapy pools.

Airex¨ exercise mats are treated with the Sanitized¨ process. This treatment ensures a permanent hygienic environment.