Body Cushion (Pregnancy Model)
Body Cushion (Pregnancy Model)

Body Cushion (Pregnancy Model)

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The ultimate pregnancy cushion solution, the bodyCushion for Pregnancy provides relief from increasing pressure as the pregnancy progresses, even during full term!

Experience complete comfort and support face-down, side-lying and/or reclining positions.

Here’s how it works: The torso is supported through suspension of the bony frame, allowing the spine to unload and decompress, alleviating pressure on nerve roots. Prepare to be amazed when back pain disappears! Breasts, which may be tender, are free of pressure. To accommodate all stages of pregnancy, a generous abdominal recess creates a gentle “hammocking” effect that supports any baby bump and provide relief for pelvic pressure.

Use your bodyCushion for Pregnancy for home use, prenatal (and infant) massage, during breastfeeding, and beyond! You may also find it the perfect tool in clinical settings to treat/prevent preeclampsia, as well as for epidural procedures. In fact, the design of this support has been determined by PATH, (an NGO concerned with maternity issues worldwide seeking an answer for preeclampsia), to be appropriate for supporting the expectant mother face-down in the later third term.

Ease of Use: The height of this pregnancy positioning optimizer allows the mother-to-be to ease herself to face-down from a kneeling position. Likewise, when arising from face-down, she may simply ease herself back upright to a kneeling position, with minor assistance with her arms, without engaging the muscles of the lower back.