Box set of 3 , Cardboard boxes , boxes for packaging, shipping boxes ,  moving supplies, moving boxes medium and large .
42" Tall , 23" wide, 11" deep Box , Tall or Long Box for Guitars Keyboards Sports Equipment Shelving
Box Dimension 42 x 23 x 11
Storage box or Shipping Box for Portable Massage Chairs
Guitar Shipping box , weather resistant box , excellent protection
Perfect for keyboard storage , Moving or Shipping boxes
Kids Bike box
Sporting Equipment Box
Shipping or Moving Box
Shelving Box , Furniture box ,


Extra Long Tall Heavy Duty Moving Box, Guitar Box, Keyboard Box, Golf Club Box, Kids Bike Box, Large Heavy Duty Moving Boxes, Shipping Box 42 x 11 x 23, Bundle of Three

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These Heavy Duty Moving and Shipping Long and Large Boxes for bulky items, including Guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, golf clubs (one luxury set or two standard sets), large indoor or outdoor cushions bedding, kids bikes, curtain rods, towels, sports equipment, bats and balls, electronics, and more. 

Sized 42" x 11" x 23", our Extra Large Boxes are Kraft Corrugated, and are long cardboard boxes as well as tall cardboard boxesm. Shipped with shrink wrap, easy to unbundle and use right away. Popular for art shipping boxes or art moving box, and cardboard guitar box, box for keyboard, popular for keyboard box shipping and other long shipping boxes large .

Our extra long mailing box is perfect for resisting rain and snow, sun and wind. If you are looking for moving boxes, moving supplies, moving boxes medium and large, or moving boxes large, this 5 pack of boxes are sure to make the move easier! As cardboard boxes go, this is a big cardboard box. Packing is easier with this carton for storage, moving and shipping.

  • LARGE SHIPPING BOXES are perfect for keyboard, guitar, art, golf, baseball bats, kids bikes, posters
  • HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE WALL SHIPPING BOXES FOR PACKAGING are ideal for storage, moving or shipping anywhere
  • CORRUGATED SHIPPING BOXES resist weather to provide a puncture resistant shipment
  • LARGE MOVING BOX helps keep oversized items like cushions, shelves, or oversizec comforters clean and dry.
  • POPULAR MIRROR MOVING BOXES, boxes for posters, umbrella shipping box, and other long shipping box items