Side Armrest Bolsters
Side Armrest Bolsters
Side Armrest Bolsters
Side Armrest Bolsters


Side Armrest Bolsters for Massage Tables

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Get a few more inches  on both sides of your table to better support arms and wie-shouldered clients, without purchasing a new table!  These handy side arm rest bolsters provide the easy-on, easy-off support for any brand of therapy table, and at a much more affordable price than purchasing a new table!

  • WIDEN YOUR MASSAGE TABLE to better support clients with large shoulders or wide frames
  • SUPPORT ARMS even on narrow tables by simply laying these bolsters on the sides of your table and adjusting the straps
  • EASY TO USE - super simple design allows you to lay the bolster straps across the table and use!
  • HELPS CLIENTS RELAX AND FEEL CALM - with the proper support to enable them to keep a neutral shoulder position