Protective Spa Table Cover
Protective Spa Table Cover


Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover for Salon Tops

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Protect the life of your table with our Professional Table Cover for TILT Tops. Designed to fit 30" or 32" tilt top portable and stationary tables (not Salon Tops), this ultra-durable cover offers years of trouble-free and convenient use. SnugFit™ elastic corners hold the cover in place while our double-stitched water-resistant upholstery ensures strength and reliability.

Key Features:
• Ultra-durable, water-resistant Natursoft upholstery
• SnugFit™ Elastic Corners • Features face cradle holes on both ends
• Tilt is available for 30” or 32” tables
• Tilt version is designed to fit round and squared corner tables

• Black or Beige