Massage Table Hammock
Massage Table Hammock , convenient storage shelf ,
Massage Table Hammock ,  travel friendly
Massage Table Hammock dimensions
Massage Table Hammock Nylon fiber
Massage Table Hammock , strong velcro material
Massage Table Hammock


Massage Table Portable Shelf for Wood-Frame Tables

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Simply and elegantly made, this table shelf will work nicely on portable massage tables made with standard cabling. Find extra room to store your bolsters, pillows, and sheets right under your own therapy table!

Amazing Features:

  • PORTABLE: Can easily be left in place as you fold your table down to go to another location, without removing it.
  • WASHABLE: Keep it clean and sanitary by washing it, and further making your space sanitary as you store your cushions, bolsters, sheets and other light supplies off the floor!
  • PRACTICAL: The simple design uses velcro to wrap around the cable system of any massage table with wood frame construction. It is NOT made for the complex, angular cables used to make aluminum tables.
  • OPTIMAL: Maximizing your storage is ideal, but so is keeping the floor space free to move your toes and a client's toes from bumping into things. The cleaner look is more spa-like and keeps the supplies on the shelf from being in the eye of the client as easily too.
  • AFFORDABLE: We keep our prices affordable, for every budget, and think you will find an excellent value in this table shelf!