About the ibodycare Brand

Inspired by her own sensitivities to chemical preservatives and fillers, the ibodycare brand was created and is developed by Allison Ishman to offer safe, premium quality lotions, oils and body care products. Founded during COVID, this brand is woman owned and family run. Care for your body, naturally, and choose ibodycare products!

Natural, organic ingredients
Eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials and ingredients
Ingredients that have the lowest impact on bodies, and avoid biomutagens and hormone interrupters
Safe for all ages (and even pets)
Formulas that work well

Choosing a natural product should not be hard, and at ibodycare, we strive to make unique, superior products you can use without harmful effects, cancer causing agents, or hormone interrupters. We make it easy to care for your body, in a natural, healthy way.

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Accelerate Advanced Antioxidant

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