Price Matching

ibodycare Price Matching Policy

At, we can match the pricing on competitor sites for Earthlite, Oakworks or Custom Craftworks brands, and as an extra incentive, will give you a free gift if you find a lower price from another dealer of these products.

We do not price match products sold on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Mercari or other second hand sites, but will match pricing from dealers including Amazon and others selling new items.

Found a lower price and want us to send you an invoice to match it?

We know our community includes smart and savvy shoppers!  Give us the chance to show you excellent service at great prices, and choose ibodycare for your purchase!

How to Get the Best Price

  1. Tell us on the Contact Us page before or after you make a purchase.  You must notify us within 1 hour of purchase to match pricing.
  2. Just check out on our store
  3. Be sure you email us a link with the competitor information, to get a refund of the difference on any item made by these brands. (

We hope you enjoy shopping in our store, getting great service, and joining our community of satisfied customers!