About Us

Allison Ishman, LMT, Pilates Instructor, President of NaperMed Inc.

Based on 25 years of clinical and sports performance, the ibodycare brand is founded by Allison Ishman, former Olympic provider, clinical and sports performance specialist. ibodycare products nurture and increase circulation, combat stress, improve well-being, support better posture and strength, aid recovery from injury, reduce stress and anxiety...and help you live better.  25 years in clinical massage therapy, fitness and Pilates has led to a selection of products that give results.

Examples of ibodycare products include weighted blankets, hot and cold packs, and sleep masks.  Our brand also includes fitness products packaged in the USA.  We stock products made by other manufacturers here too, and are authorized as a dealer for Oakworks, Earthlite, Pisces, Custom Craftworks, and other brands.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee our products, and want satisfied customers and brand ambassadors with every purchase!  If you have questions, problems or want a no fuss return, simply

Email us at orders@napermed.com

Call us at 800-687-5199

for hassle free solutions, support, questions or returns.