Why You Need the Best Purifier for Allergies in 2023

Vollara Air Purifiers Work!

Seasonal allergies are no small task to overcome. With small particles of pollen, dust, dander, and microbial bugs. Everywhere, spring can feel more like torture than the time of renewal for someone with seasonal allergies.

I am one of those sufferers. When I was 16, my father came home with an air purifier he found. He plugged it in my room. I had been literally holed up in there for several days, shades pulled, lights off, falling behind on all my schoolwork. My stress level is through the roof.

I felt bad about falling behind at school. I had a group project, and everybody in the group felt like I was slacking off. Well, I had the best of intentions, there was a little like I do about my swollen eyes, runny nose, and constant sneezing.

Getting me away from the allergens in a small room, and was a start. But they were still lots of particles in the air. He plugged the air purifier in and it used two types of ionization, which makes the dust particles positively and negatively, charged, making them attract, become heavier, and fall to the floor. That means every time I vacuum or dust, Those particles go out of the room. They’re no longer in the air. 

This fancy air purifier also used something called ozone. That ozone smelled funny, like the air after a rainstorm, and somehow, it made me feel better. I was cleaning the air.

The same quality of air purifier now comes with something called an RCI Cell, which is a metal coding that activates with ultraviolet light. These two technologies in combination actually sanitize surfaces. Amazing.

finding technology with all five of these technologies is not easy to do. The profound level of impact this has on allergies, along with other challenges, like smoking, pet dander, food smells, sneaker smells, and other interesting smells that can happen at the house is amazing.

That’s why we carry air purifiers from Vollara. They’re not the cheapest, on purpose. They are the best. If you’re really looking to eliminate particles from your space and stop suffering from allergies, you found the right place. You can stop looking and be confident you bought the right one.


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