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Welcome to the ibodycare site, where we share information and products that support healthy living and inspire you with current natural health and fitness information, and offer you personal care, massage, spa and fitness products that make everyone's lives easier and all of those with professional practices more satisfied too!  I'm inspired to share products that are safe for all ages, all families, and all pets!  I offer products that don't interrupt the body's hormones or natural rhythms, that make self-care and client care easier, and that are quality I would buy myself.

Allison Ishman, LMT, Pilates Instructor, Natural Health Professional

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Allison Ishman. I have over 30  years of experience helping people who get stuck.  I am a clinical and sports performance massage therapist, Pilates Instructor, personal trainer, and natural health advocate. I spent many years helping others improve their form and function to get out of pain, and to improve their every day and sports performance.

I was a provider at the 1995 Olympic nationals in the 1996 Olympic games and started focusing on improving performance very early in my career. Over time I came to identify things that would help the body and mind move better, see, and achieve goals.  I teach advanced education for massage therapists, including manual lymph drainage, Fascial Link therapy, neuromuscular and sports massage therapy, and ethics.

On this website, I plan to share all kinds of health and wellness ideas and products that help improve our quality of life naturally. Education and natural care has always been a focus of my life and I hope you find it helpful. Welcome! 

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