Hands Free 2-Way Vitrectomy Mirror, 8-inch with Ice Pack
Vitrectomy Mirror with Ice Pack
Hands Free 2-Way Vitrectomy Mirror, 8-inch with Ice Pack
Hands Free 2-Way Vitrectomy Mirror, 8-inch with Ice Pack
 Vitrectomy Mirror - face down solutions
face down solutions
Vitrectomy Mirror 8-inch with Ice Pack
face down solutions with Ice Pack
face down solutions  two Way Vitrectomy Mirror with Ice Pack
face down solutions - Vitrectomy Mirror
2-Way Vitrectomy Mirror
Vitrectomy Mirror
Two Way Vitrectomy Mirror with Ice Pack

Hands Free 2-Way Vitrectomy Mirror, 8-inch with Ice Pack


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Experience the Best in Face Down Solutions with Our Hands Free 2-Way Vitrectomy Mirror and Ice Pack Combo!

The Eye Surgery Recovery mirror is your solution to a comfortable eye surgery recovery.  
  • THE PACKAGE FOR COMFORT AND RECOVERY SUCCESS - This combination pack is the ideal complement to make your eye surgery recovery more comfortable and help you stay compliant with your physician's face down instructions.

  • IMPROVE YOUR COMFORT AND HAVE A SUCCESSFUL EYE SURGERY RECOVERY with this custom-made polymer mirror, designed for easy handling and better viewing

  • LARGE 8-INCH MIRROR IS PORTABLE – The optimal sized mirror and ice pack travel easily with you

  • REDUCE SWELLING with the softest, gentlest of cool packs designed just for cooling after eye surgery, included in our package

  • ADJUSTS EASILY using adjustable chair arm rests or change the angle simply on any surface with a book, magazine or handheld adjustment.

  • SEE EVERYWHERE MORE EASILY - View your television, another person, or the contents of counters and cabinets using this handy 2-way mirror.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Made from durable polymer plastic, and coated with a mirror surface, this mirror is lightweight and easy to handle.

  • POSITIONING IS EASY - For positioning, the stickered side faces the patient's chest. The reflective surface faces away from the body. Lower the mirror in your hands, or on the arm rest of a chair to see lower surfaces. Simply raise it higher using hands or shelf to see higher surfaces.

  • FLEXIBLE, PERFECT SIZED ICE PACK - Our simple, affordable solution comes complete with a freezer-ready ice pack perfect for use on the face. Use a light cloth as needed between the pack and skin to avoid a high intensity of cold. The pack is moldable, to reduce swelling in small or sensitive areas of the body.

Molded for convenient viewing, this mirror works perfectly with seated support massage chairs, desktop units, or held in your hands as you move about. It helps you maintain the required face-down position needed to comply with macular hole or vitrectomy surgeries that require face down solutions.

Hands Free mirror keeps its angle without your having to hold it. Our lightweight mirror is crystal clear, just peel the plastic and it's ready to use. Compatible with desktop, portable chair, or mattress slide units off the bed, or use handheld to see upper cabinets.

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Secured packaging

My surgery is 3/10 so we will know better than

Secured packaging

My surgery is 3/10 so we will know better than



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