Super Silver Power Trio Bundle
Super Silver Power Trio Set
ibodycare Super Colloidal Silver Spray
ibodycare Super Colloidal Silver Spray
ibodycare Super Colloidal Silver Spray
ibodycare Super Colloidal Silver Spray Pets
Super Colloidal Silver Skin Repair Gel with Aloe
Super Silver Power Trio Set
Use of Super Silver Skin Repair Gel with Aloe
ibodycare Super Colloidal Silver Gel
Super Silver Power Trio Set
Super Silver Power Trio Set
Super Silver Power Trio Set
Colloidal Silver Super Silver Neti Juice
Colloidal Silver Super Silver Neti Juice
Review of Colloidal Silver Super Silver Neti Juice
Super Silver Neti Juice

Super Silver Power Trio Set


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Your Ultimate First Aid Solution: Super Silver Trio for Skin, Surface, and Sinuses!

Discover the power of our Super Silver Trio, the perfect bundle for soothing skin, supporting healing, and maintaining cleanliness for surfaces and sinuses. This trio is your go-to for comprehensive first aid care.

Super Silver Gel

Our Super Silver Gel is designed to soothe skin and support natural healing. This 4-oz tube is perfect for on-the-go relief, fitting easily into your bag, car, or travel kit. Ideal for minor skin irritations, sun-exposed skin, and general skin comfort, it’s a must-have for any first aid kit. Simply apply a small amount to the affected area and gently rub it in. Use it at home, on hikes, or during travel to keep your skin calm and comfortable.

Super Silver Spray

Take our Super Silver Spray with you anywhere to help keep surfaces and skin clean. This 8-oz bottle is perfect for disinfecting surfaces and providing a quick, refreshing spray to your skin. Known for its cleanliness-supporting properties, it’s safe for all ages and can be used on countertops, doorknobs, and even as a hand sanitizer. Carry it in your backpack, gym bag, or keep it in the car for easy access. To use, spray directly onto the surface or skin and let it air dry.

Super Silver Neti Juice

Our Super Silver Neti Juice provides effective relief for sinus and nasal discomfort, promoting better breathing and overall comfort. This 8-oz bottle is easy to use with any neti pot or nasal spray bottle. Perfect for use during allergy season or when dealing with colds, it helps clear nasal passages and soothe irritation. Keep a bottle in your bathroom cabinet or travel bag. To use, follow the instructions for your neti pot or nasal spray bottle, and rinse as needed to maintain clear, comfortable sinuses.

Super Silver Bundle Includes:

  • Super Silver Skin Repair Gel, for Wounds, Burns, and Germ Protection, 4 oz
  • Super Silver Spray, 8 oz
  • Super Silver Neti Juice, 8 oz

Stock your medicine cabinet with this silver trio to tackle the challenges of winter cold and flu season or summer allergies. Perfect for travel and safe for all ages, this bundle ensures you are prepared to keep your skin, surfaces, and sinuses protected and comfortable.

Whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, the Super Silver Trio is your reliable companion for everyday health and wellness.

<strong>Super Silver Skin Repair Gel with Aloe for Wounds, Burns, Infection and Germ Protection</strong></p>
<P>45ppm Aqueous Silver, Colloid Aloe Vera, Carbormer, Tea</p>

<strong>Super Silver Spray, Small Particle 8 oz. for Sanitizing, Boosting Immunity, Fighting Infection</strong></p>
<P>Distilled Water, Colloidal Silver</p>

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Their Conditioning Shampoo & Body Wash repairs, strengthens and nourishes. I noticed a difference right away. My hair looked smoother and softer. It has such a healthy shine and feels so much better.

Kristin D
Fair Oaks, CA

I’m excited to share how ibodycare Shampoo and Conditioner have transformed my nightly routine..they really help keep my hair looking healthy and vibrant!

Lucy J
Grawn, MI

I love the ibodycare Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash + Extra Rich Conditioner because it solves my problems, such as unmangeable heat treated hair, frizz, and dandruff!!

Mariana S
Coral Springs. FL

It looks so good...look at this shine, and it feels so nice!
Conditioning Shampoo & Body Wash + Extra Rich Conditioner

Kimberly S.
Lincoln, NE

My latest obsession...The ibodycare Tingle Rosemary Mint and Detox Mud Masks! Using these has been a God send!

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

The ibodycare Dead Sea Mud Masks are cleaning my face, and moisturizing my face. It feels amazing! I will use these!

Brenda B
Issaquah, WA

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