Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table
Proluxe Convertible Massage Table

Proluxe Convertible Massage Table Lift Unit (Portable Table Sold Separately)


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Convert your portable therapy table into your electric lift table! What's more, convert it back to a portable table in under a minute.

Is it accurate to say that you are worn out on adjusting the legs on your portable therapy table? Perhaps the time to adjust it simply isn't justified.

The advantages of a Lift table are many, and now as affordable as ever. The Proluxe Convertible makes a huge difference!

The Proluxe Convertible rapidly raises and lowers to save your back and allow you greater access to all areas of the body during treatments.

Changing height during the appointment permits you to utilize your body flexibly, while limiting exertion.

You can provide what type of work is best that day for your client and adjusting the height of your table to support your methodology encourages you to be increasingly successful and save energy.

Changing your position and approach permits you to utilize distinctive muscle groups and manage any physical issues you may have.

Simply overlay your portable table using the shiatsu cable releases, or by removing two bolts from the supports. Place the hinge of your table at the center, and adjust the bases one by one.

Finally, lash in the center and you are prepared to work! Use the same accessories for your portable table even as it's on the lift unit.

The high-powered motor lifts up to 450 lbs over a 16-inch height, and the very steady layout allows your customers to enjoy a sense of security.

If you never thought you could afford a lift table, the solution to that problem is here. Get your Proluxe Convertible today!

** PLEASE NOTE: This item is sold without a versatile table mounted to it. Details are reliant on your compact table when mounted to the ProLuxe Convertible edge.

This is a production item, so please allow 4-5 weeks of production time before shipping

3-Year Warranty
Assembled in the USA

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