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ibodycare Super Silver Neti Juice

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SUPER SILVER NETI JUICE helps restore and maintain sinus health, to make every day more comfortable, improve your sleep quality, and support overall health!

Instantly open congested nasal passages with ibodycare's Super Silver Neti Juice. The naturally powerful saline solution quickly alleviates dry, stuffy nasal canals caused by allergies, sinus infections, and dry air. It helps you fight occasional nasal congestion and acts as a natural nasal decongestant. Enjoy relief from sinus headache and allergies too!.

Our Super Silver Neti Juice has been clinically proven to provide effective relief for uncomfortable sinus and nasal conditions and promote better breathing.

  • ibodycare Super Silver Neti Juice, 8 oz. (236 ML)
  • All-Natural Sinus Rinse
  • Quick Nasal Passage Cleanse

The ibodycare Brand is Crafted for Excellence

Based on 25 years of clinical and sports performance, the ibodycare brand was founded by Allison Ishman, former Olympic provider, clinical and sports performance specialist. ibodycare products nurture and increase circulation, combat stress, improve well-being, support better posture, and strength, aid recovery from injury, reduce stress and anxiety...and help you live better. 25 years in clinical massage therapy, fitness, and Pilates has led to a selection of products that give results.

Directions for Use

  • Use this rinse with NETI pots to help clear and maintain the sinus passages.
  • Add 10 droppers to each ounce of distilled or deionized water.
  • Do not dilute with saline.
  • Do not add salts of any kind when flushing with Super Neti Juice.
  • Super Neti Juice may be used undiluted as well.


Formulated with all-natural herbs, Super Silver Neti Juice may help support the body in its return to healthy sinuses.

Super Neti Juice is made with Elemental Silver (45 ppm), Peppermint Oil (.01%), and Polysorbate 20 (.02%). 

Recommended For Sinus, Congestion, Mucus Relief –Saline Alternative. Made in the USA.