Pivotal Therapy Soft Tissue Home Relaxation System
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Pivotal Therapy Soft Tissue Home Relaxation System

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Pivotal Therapy System: Complete Solution for Spinal Health and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

  • Pivotal Therapy System for complete spinal treatment
  • Individual components for targeted solutions
  • Progressive use of time and gravity
  • Expedites reposturing, improves function
  • Strengthens muscles for posture and back pain relief
  • Effective for correcting sustained postures over time.

Components of the pivotal therapy system may be used individually to address specific problems or integrated to form a complete system to treat the entire spine.

The design and therapy of the Soft Tissue is based on the progressive increased use of time and gravity as a reversal of abnormal sustained postures or positions.

It takes time to slowly reposture the spine and its soft tissue components. Pivotal Therapy is of excellent value in helping to expedite this process and encouraging the restoration of normal function.

Pivotal Therapy does this by strengthening muscles which support improved posture and also back pain. 

It took years to cause abnormal sustained postures or positions, and it will take days, weeks, months, or even years to correct this position.