Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture
Allison Ishman

Safety Muscles Fitness Guide for Healthy Posture


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The Safety Muscles Guide: Guide to Relieving Back, Neck, Hip and Shoulder Pain by Balancing Your Posture at Home or in the Gym

Do you have pain?

Back pain, neck and shoulder pain, or sports injuries can be helped by taking care of your muscle balance. The Safety Muscles Guide was written for anyone that has pain, or wants to improve muscle or postural balance.

Balance the tightest muscles in the body, and know what to strengthen as you get older and lose muscle mass.

Safety muscles help balance muscles that get overtight from sports, or from lifestyles that lead to tightness, pain and discomfort.

Learn from step by step instructions in this guide, and feel stronger and pain free in your everyday life!

This book was created by former Olympic provider Allison Ishman, who developed these exercises over 25 years of clinical massage, personal training and Pilates practice.

Having worked with pre-Olympic athletes throughout her career, and Olympic Athletes competing in racquet sports at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, she has applied these successfully to thousands of patients and clients to balance posture, relieve pain, and empower people to live injury and pain free. 

Everyday Exercises plus Health & Fitness Professional Support! Exercises in the book are written for everyone to understand, and include a special section after each exercise for health and fitness professionals.

The special section explains the balancing effect of every exercise on specific muscles, and shows how the exercise relates to the anatomy in the area.

  • Forward Neck Position or Poor Cervical Curve
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain, Headaches due to Stress or Muscle Tension
  • Back Pain or Hunched Postures
  • Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome, Tight Psoas or Hip Flexors
  • Leg Weakness. Knee Pain, Ankle Pain or Plantar Fasciitis
  • Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain 

When and How to Use Safety Muscle Exercises Safety Muscle Exercises are excellent starting exercises for a new exercise program, as well as for recovering from pain or injury during the building and maintenance stages.

Enjoy a reduced risk of injury from workouts and activities! Strengthen 2-3 times per week for two weeks, you will notice better muscle balance and may enjoy the relief of pain and tightness throughout the body.

Exercises are shown with pictures and written descriptions for the everyday exerciser. Additional detailed information is included for health professionals or anatomy enthusiasts who want to know more about balancing Abdominals with Lat muscles (also known as latissimus dorsi), Gluteal muscles, Posterior Deltoids and Rotator Cuff muscles including the Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Major and Teres Minor, with the Rhomboids and Trapezius muscles, and Adductors with Abductors in the thigh.

Empower yourself to live a pain free life! Proactively use the exercises before strenuous activities such as helping you or a friend move, and see how little soreness settles in the next day when you have strong core and safety muscle strength! This type of exercise takes only 10 minutes a day to offer exceptional results that protect your back, neck and legs from strain, pain or injury.

This book makes an excellent and considerate gift for colleagues, athletes young and old, friends, family, teachers and coaches.

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